Olympus PEN EE-2


Reminiscing about my tenth birthday took a twist when a friend found an old Olympus PEN EE-2 and gave it to my care. Most of my camera stories revolved around SLRs and a rangefinder (Canon Datematic) giving the impression that I never touched anything simpler.  But my very first camera--as in mine: not my dad's or anyone else; mine! (followed by maniacal laughing...)--happens to be this little point and shoot (not the term back then in 1970).

It was characteristically, Olympus, it was small and shot half-frame 35mm film which effectively doubled the number of exposures (to my dad's consternation--he had to pay for the printing cost) and gotten me used to shooting in the portrait orientation.  Even with DSLRs today, I still shoot over half of my photos in the vertical--even landscapes.  It had a simple exposure system which basically gave you 1/250 and 1/30 shutter speed and an exposure lock which kept you from shooting if the exposure value required went beyond those speeds.  Limiting?  Not really, up until this point, my dad has not really allowed me to tinker with the Minolta SRT-101 (confining me to 1/60 and whatever the Rokkor 58/1.4 would allow).

The Olympus really liberated me in from the weight constraints (and my dad's insecurity) associated with the Minolta allowing me to run around and finally get out of taking family reunion photos.


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