Requiem for the *ist DS

Today we (my son and I) sold the Pentax *ist DS.  It was our first DSLR and somehow, we thought that it would keep it forever, but like all other automated electronic cameras, it had to go sometime.  While we have a collection of mechanical film cameras, anything electronic seems so disposable: think of personal computers and cellular phones.  Somehow we thought the DS would stay around as a sort of a digital classic (an oxymoron?).  Other photographers who managed to own or use one, more or less share that sense, some eventually even regretting they sold their *ist DS.

But then all good times comes to an end; I gave the *ist DS to my son in 2008 when I acquired the K10D and he has used it masterfully.  It suited him well, because starting out as a manual focus film shooter (Pentax A3D & MZ-M), whatever inadequacy the DS had was compensated by his shooting style (the DS had a cheap split-screen viewfinder installed).

Then the realization that my son focuses faster than the camera tipped the scale: he was outgrowing it too.  When I acquired the Pentax K-x as my alternate to the K10D, he realized the handicap the DS has imposed on him and now wishing for the K-r (maybe Christmas?).

Upon confirming where and when I would meet up with the buyer, I decided to take it out for a walk just one more time:

PENTAX *IST DS + SMCP DA L 55-300/4-5.8 ED


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