The Edge of Lunacy


While relaxing in a patio of a coffee shop, I noticed a group of young photographers at the far end shooting something with their cameras mounted on tripods.  It seems that they were not getting it as they would moan, curse or sigh whenever they chimp to see the results.   I looked to see what they were shooting and it turns out to be the moon.  As I listened as they shoot, I noticed the long exposure times: they were probably metering off the darkness!  They were surely getting an overexposed white blob instead of the moon.

I pondered if I should walk over and show them how it’s done, but no, I decided to enjoy the show and allow them to hopefully figure it out on their own.  Then one comedic and serendipitous accident happened.  One of them must have pressed the pop-up flash button and whatever mode his camera was on must have defaulted the shutter to the flash sync speed.

He shoots—the flash goes off—he chimps…surprise!  He must probably came up with a fairly decent photo (Looney 11 Rule: pretend you are on the moon which would make it a beach scene in bright sunlight so if the Sunny 16 Rule says that your setting is f16 at 1/125 for ISO100, the Looney 11 Rule shifts it a bit to f11 then adjust/bracket for weather, pollution and other annoyances) since the usual flash sync speed is around the 1/100 range, and with what appears to be a hyperzoom at maximum focal length being used, his aperture would have been greater than f5.6—well within the possible parameters!

They cheer…and soon everyone were shooting the moon with their pop-up flashes…

Pentax *ist DS + SMCP FA 28-105/4-5.6 IF
It's not the moon, dummy! Click on photo to read the story behind it.


  1. Mwahahahaha!!! I loved this story, Bong!

  2. Monkey see---Monkey do! Great Story Bong.

  3. reminds me of the time, i forgot when, i saw a photographer who was shooting with his flash pointing upwards trying to bounce the light off the... sky. this was outdoors.

  4. Sir Bong, this just made my day!


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