PENTAX K-3 + SMCP DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR
Let me put this in context, traffic in Metro Manila has gone from worse to apocalyptic.  Going out to do things sometimes requires a really compelling reason. Or, "half-reasons" or less than compelling stuff lumped together to justify a commute.  Or, some “activity” like cleaning your house or table.  “Half-reasons” are stuff that needs to be done but can be put off tomorrow or the next day or never.  No one would die if it was left undone yesterday.
Then I realize that life is full of “half reasons” which does not make a whole.  A couple of days did go by that was littered with “half-reasons” in which I ended up doing nothing.  And no one judged me: extra time to be mindlessly myself.  Depending on the mood it can be time wasted or time well spent.

Which brings me to a word a picked up in seminary: "kairos".  A word for "time" that is the twin of "chronos".  "Chronos" is the measurable and objective time that is fixed and accurate.  "Kairos" is the fuzzy time that can be quite subjective.  So yeah...depending on the mood.

My guess is that the 'net is already littered with expositions on the subject of "kairos" that I rather not repeat them (that is my "chronos" mindset thinking along the lines of simplicity and efficiency).

So what is my point?  Nothing yet.  But there is a gold mine here whose depths I plumb...later.