The Great Eastern Hotel Fire*

*nothing superlative, that's the name of the hotel.

Fire's Out
Pentax *ist DS + SMCP FA 28-105/4-5.6 IF

Early in the evening, after dinner, Liza & I stepped out with the kids to buy cat food when James noticed smoke coming from the Great Eastern Hotel (for Filipino old-timers, its the Aberdeen Court in Quezon Avenue). My wife and I wrote it off as a/c condensation as we went on with our little shopping foray. On the way back, there really is a fire!

I ran off to get the camera (our house was two blocks away) and started shooting. Because of the proximity, I did not bother to bring a bag, just the Pentax *ist DS and the Sigma 55-200. After a short while, I decided that it was too long so I walked back home to swap the FA 28-105/4-5.6 IF lens then got the photo above. That made the Pentax Photo Gallery!

The sign says "No Crossing, Can Kill"
Pentax *ist DS + Sigma 55-200/4-5.6 DC

Love the DS at ISO 3200!