I Thought ... (1978)

A counterpoint to René Descartes' "I think therefore I am"
Canon AE-1 + Canon FD 50/1.8 + Kodacolor 400

Before Photoshop and other digital photo manipulation, stuff had to be either done in the camera itself or in the darkroom. Here's to having fun with virtual reality circa 1978. Using the old double exposure technique of holding back the rewind crank, pressing the rewind button while winding the film at the same time allows you to keep the film in place for another shot (unless you're a Nikon user; you have a switch to make life easy...). Masking half the photo with cardboard then taking alternately the scene with or without the car (my dad's 1975 Ford Cortina...) on the second and fourth frame where it seems to mysteriously disappear and reappear. The tree is there to diffuse any imperfection in the masking (which shows in the fourth frame where the masking was not too perfect).