15 Years

My Old Room

I moved out of my parent's house late 1994 almost 15 years since we moved there in the 1980s. When we left the house where I spent my childhood, it was a clean break because it was a company house assigned to my dad until he retired in October 1980 and everybody moved out. When I moved out in 1994 with my own family, my brother and his wife and my parents stayed behind. While I no longer live there, it was in a sense an ancestral home where somehow there was someone you can go back to.

Then my mom passed away early this year freeing my brother to respond to a call to teach in a city up north in the island of Luzon (my dad passed away a decade earlier). I took this photo as I was helping my brother on his last day before moving out. The faux shoji wall is slid open to reveal a now empty room


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