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Whatever Happened to the Wise Men of Christmas?

Forgotten and buried by the commercialism of our modern hedonistic interpretation of Christmas is the addendum to the Nativity narrative. It is an “addendum” in a sense that it may not have happened the same time as the manger episode considering that these guys had to travel all the way from Persia.  Yes, Persia or modern day Iran, with its self/divinely appointed role to bring death to modern America and Israel.  Given the fact that Scud missiles were not invented yet, the Wise Men took some time from the time they learned of Baby Jesus was born to when they actually visited him (probably two years since Herod would later, based on the timing of the Wise Men, order kids two years and younger killed—see Matthew 2:16).

So we have these three fellows—we assume three because of the gifts and tradition (for lack of more data) who embarked on this journey—who are identified as Magi (plural).  That is the connection to Persia because of the link I will mention shortly.  Now a magus (singular) is a practitioner of some ancient mystical arts which we call now in modern times as sorcery or witchcraft (see Acts 8:9ff).  Given that in the Old Testament, these guys were not allowed to live (Exodus 22:18) makes you wonder why they were even aware or interested in Baby Jesus.

Perhaps back during the captivity back in Persia, an Israelite named Daniel and his friends managed to impress, not only Nebuchadnezzar, but also the religious of that country (traditionally known as “magi”—so the connection) to have some groupies interested in whatever else they said; and Daniel said a lot about a King.

So off they went to follow a star?

The problem with that notion is why didn’t anyone else see and record that cosmic event given the preoccupation of those guys in stars (i.e., the Mayans for one) and later give the ancient alien folks something to thrive on.  It’s probably because nothing like that took place.  It has to be mentioned that these three guys also practiced astrology—they probably looked at their daily horoscope from where they deduced something was happening in Israel (there is archeological/astronomical data that a conjunction of Pisces and Saturn took place around that time; Pisces in ancient astrology represented Palestine and Saturn represented royalty—so go figure).  So based on that data they took off and headed for the logical place where they would find a newborn king—the palace.  Except it was occupied by a guy named Herod, who must have wondered if he knocked up somebody when three guys came around asking for the baby king.

Based on the information gathered from the local religious people, they headed off to Bethlehem where, besides finding Baby Jesus, they also found the star!  Surprise—the star met them in the place where Jesus was (see Matthew 2:9).  But I do not want to get into how that happened—if ever, all I want to point out was what did not happened (“we three kings of orient are, following yonder star”).

So after the pleasantries and gift giving, off they went.  All the reference we have is they left by another way, presumably to skip Herod and whatever scheme he had in mind.

So back to my original question: what happened to those guys?

Perhaps, if I would be allowed to phrase that question in modern Christianese (or Evangelicalese):

1.    Were they saved?
2.    Did they accept (Baby) Jesus into their hearts?
3.    Did they become Christians?
4.    Did they start the Persian Christian Fellowship?
5.    Did they burn all their horoscopes and started reading the Bible?

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This has nothing to do with the Wise Men...I just had to post it.
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  1. Nice read, Bong :-)

    I'm actually interested to what happened to the people Jesus resurrected. Did Lazarus die again?


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