Bong Manayon's Ignatian Guide to Buying DSLRs (or any digital device for that matter)

A mash-up between Photography and Faith in another level...

1. Live For Today: Do not think of upgrades or the future, buy the best you can afford today.  Remember that "entry level" is a marketing term.  Do not be sucked into the idea that you are a newbie or an amateur so that you will buy something that you will end up trading up for a higher spec model.  If you can afford to buy a mid-level spec camera--go for it; if you can afford a professional grade camera--why not?

2. Live Without Regrets: Whatever you buy now--even if it is the latest model--it is already obsolete. They have already designed and are making the next upgrade and it is a matter of waiting to release it.  So if you are into the latest model, the greatest megapixel or the fastest FPS, you will perpetually be living in regret (and upgrading all the time).  Select the specs that suit you now and live with it.

3. Live With It For As Long As You Can: DSLRs have the monetary and sentimental value of a mobile phone.  My first DSLR (*ist DS) was purchased at over P58,000.00 back in 2006 and was eventually sold five years later for over P5,000.00.  If ever a DSLR is an "investment" it is because you are a pro and are earning off it.  Ultimately, a DSLR does not reap big returns when traded.

4. Procrastination Is A Good Thing: Assuming you already have a camera and is thinking of an upgrade--wait.  New models come out regularly and it is a matter of waiting.  Either a better spec camera comes out or the one you had your eyes on will drop in price: either way, waiting is a win-win proposition.  This only works if you already have a camera you can use.

5. You Do Not Live in A Vacuum: To have bills to pay, you may have mouths to feed, and among many other things vying for monetary attention in your life.  Remember to live in a balance.