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The Daddy Difference

(Originally a speech for the 5th National Conference on Autism held by the Autism Society of the Philippines on April 23, 1999. Speakers were given the title, “The Daddy Difference” and were suppose to talk on how we made a difference after their kid(s) were diagnosed. I did something out of the box.)

On graduation day, a young girl was giving the valedictory address. In her speech, she customarily thanked the principal, her teachers and her parents. Referring to her parents, she said, "I thank my parents for having me." At which point her father, shouted from the audience, "Don't thank us, it was our pleasure!"

I start with that anecdote to highlight a reality in which we have to raise our children. That it is ultimately the wife, the potential mother, who has in her consciousness the desire to raise kids. I found this true in my experience and in the experiences of other couples as well. It is the women who long for, wish and consciously look forward to concei…