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Alternate Route - 1

Whatever Happened to the Wise Men of Christmas?

Forgotten and buried by the commercialism of our modern hedonistic interpretation of Christmas is the addendum to the Nativity narrative. It is an “addendum” in a sense that it may not have happened the same time as the manger episode considering that these guys had to travel all the way from Persia.  Yes, Persia or modern day Iran, with its self/divinely appointed role to bring death to modern America and Israel.  Given the fact that Scud missiles were not invented yet, the Wise Men took some time from the time they learned of Baby Jesus was born to when they actually visited him (probably two years since Herod would later, based on the timing of the Wise Men, order kids two years and younger killed—see Matthew 2:16).

So we have these three fellows—we assume three because of the gifts and tradition (for lack of more data) who embarked on this journey—who are identified as Magi (plural).  That is the connection to Persia because of the l…