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“Why are you still a Christian?”

When I posed that question to my students in Penuel School of Theology in a Pastoral Theology class, I got reactions of varied incredulity.  Mildly, from raised eyebrows, dropped jaws to stunned statements like “what kind of question is that”?  Surely being saved by grace, sealed by the Spirit and called by the Lord is enough for one to stay (if you’re Arminian) or be kept (if you’re Calvinist) a Christian.

My class was made up of advanced students; many were experienced pastors with years notched in pastoral work.  But that precisely was the basis for my asking that question.  Their common profile was they entered the faith in their youth, perhaps being active and a leader in church groups even while in high school.  Many responded to a call to serve in the ministry in some summer camp on their way to college which, in turn, would lead them to a Bible school to prepare them for ministry (usually pastoral or missionary work).…

The Sky Is Green


When I was still preaching, I somehow managed to impress people enough to draw their applause and their “amen’s” but somehow they never seem to hear the message.  Now that I am a photographer with an inherent motive of impressing people with my photographs, they are now asking what the message is…

IMPOSITION Pentax K-x + SMCP DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR
In the occasions I find myself preaching extensively (my primary involvement in the Christian ministry is that of a teacher so, more often than not, I am in a classroom rather than behind a pulpit) there is this sense of satisfaction to see people outwardly responding to your sermon; they would say (or shout) “amen!” or occasionally applaud when you make a point.  But that sense becomes shattered with the realization that they never heard the message.

You present the most rational and exegetically correct argument that the sky is pink and when the sermon is over, people congratulate you and quip about it b…

Pentax K-x

I have always been the person to procrastinate on new technology, never to buy anything on its first release.  There are practical reasons for that—bugs for one; it has been demonstrated that some manufacturers make beta testers out of their buyers.  Then there is the price, usually the initial release price tends to be higher than the subsequent street prices.  Included in this list are cameras, specifically digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.  My advantage, of course, is that I have a lot of cameras in my inventory already; not buying one does not paralyze me and neither does having a decade old technology handicap me.

So with DSLRs, I bought my Pentax *ist DS the year after it was released (2005) and the Pentax K10D just about the time the next model up (K20D) came around in 2008.  Now I have been saving up for the K20D knowing I can buy it cheap when the K-7 came around but the latter camera impressed me enough to want to skip the K20D.  In which case, I had to wait around …

A Fortune Cookie & A Hole in a Post

It's my birthday...wheee!

The nice neat number of half a century bodes of half-full/half-empty comments like "life begins at 50" ( in begins to what?!!!...) and so on.  For an anniversary amnesiac like myself, those neat numbers are helpful in remembering events like getting marred (sic) in 1990 and having my daughter's and wife's birthday on the same day (my son did not make it —his birthday was four days shy of mine).

Today I look forward to holding a make-up class where we will spend most of the time in a darkroom making salt-paper prints.  Something that I have not done in quite a while but the smell of hypo does bring back pages in the past (high school and college).  Then the nice neat number reminds of another neat number: 10.

It was on my tenth birthday, while traveling with my dad in Hong Kong that a fortune cookie declared that I my dreams will come true;  A couple of days later, while visiting the Tōdai-ji temple in Nara, Japan, I managed to fi…