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Discovering Mary

My daughter Erika forced upon me a question that would set me on a journey in search of Mary. Studying theology has opened a window that allowed me to catch glimpses of who God is and how I can relate to him in those snapshots. Like looking at old family photos, God with various people (Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon, Peter, Paul and John) show a unique relational dynamic that reflects a broad canvas of human experiences. And there seems to be a corresponding title to describe each like “father,” “friend,” “master” and “servant.”

As I pondered the presence of God incarnated in life as my daughter, a question begged to be asked, “Has anyone related to God as a child?” Not just any child, but your own. The Bible does not seem to help since I could not find any family photos of God with someone reflecting that kind of relationship, at least not in the box where I was looking. It was when I looked outside the box that I would find photos of Mary with her son. They were there all th…

The Economics of Attention

I picked up a book, The Economics of Attention by Richard Langham because its title and review grabbed my attention—so to speak. The book itself is a study of the historical development of style in communication and how that is used in media and advertising; the style and substance deal. Trends in art and the philosophical undercurrents behind it are surveyed and reviewed (more in the link above).

As a student of communication and social psychology, some appears to be obvious issues that have dominated many industries: banking for one—the use of efficient accountants over and against ‘pretty’ tellers, or the news media, which went through their own angst between using knowledgeable anchors to ‘talking heads.’ Which led me to consider this issue in the internet age and how; in particular, to modern Christianity where it is not too obvious.

Consider how you may have found this blog (assuming you searched for it). Was it even in the first page of the results page when Google retrieve…