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A friend recently asked me about purgatory and helped me organize my thoughts regarding it. Purgatory has always been those topics I skirted around because of sensitivities that revolve around a dogma which I do not want to run over with my karma. :-D

A time comes, however, when one has to give a definitive answer.

Purgatory is an offshoot of classical Roman Catholic ideas which assume we need to be fully sanctified (i.e., free of sin) before being justified (i.e., declared not guilty in the ultimate supreme court of the universe). The question that arises out of that assumed divine workflow is what happens to those who died not fully cleansed of their sins. So a need for an “in-between” place is required to complete that “cleansing” process before someone is finally allowed into heaven. The biblical data has pointed to a reverse workflow which begins with justification: we are declared right before God when we come to Jesus …

Echoes in the Distance

Punctuating all those photo shoots this year was a chance to facilitate in a summer camp for Compassion Philippines leading a topic on Retreat and Reflection. Since most of the events I end up shooting takes me away from church, it was timely and appropriate. Nevertheless, even as I was informed of the venue for the camp, my mind fritters off to the photo opportunities that can be found in the area.

The camp was the Rizal Recreation Center which was just off San Pablo City which was known for its seven lakes. I have been there to shoot more than once in the recent years so it was familiar territory. Even more familiar because I was traipsing around the area in the early 1980s when I attended those Conservative Baptist camps in a nearby resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna then later teaching an extension class for Penuel School of Theology in San Pablo City proper during the early 1990s.

Pentax KM + SMCP K 50/1.4 + Fuji ProPlus II
So I planned a sunrise shoot in Sampaloc Lake with…