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Olympus PEN EE-2


Reminiscing about my tenth birthday took a twist when a friend found an old Olympus PEN EE-2 and gave it to my care. Most of my camera stories revolved around SLRs and a rangefinder (Canon Datematic) giving the impression that I never touched anything simpler.  But my very first camera--as in mine: not my dad's or anyone else; mine! (followed by maniacal laughing...)--happens to be this little point and shoot (not the term back then in 1970).

It was characteristically, Olympus, it was small and shot half-frame 35mm film which effectively doubled the number of exposures (to my dad's consternation--he had to pay for the printing cost) and gotten me used to shooting in the portrait orientation.  Even with DSLRs today, I still shoot over half of my photos in the vertical--even landscapes.  It had a simple exposure system which basically gave you 1/250 and 1/30 shutter speed and an exposure lock which kept you from shooting if the exposure value required went beyond…


Pentax A3D (A3000 Date) + FA 80-320/4.5-5.6 + Centuria 400 (original in color)
Song stuck in head: Windy by Astrud Gilberto


Yohei Sasakawa

PENTAX K10D + SMCP A135/2.8
Back in September 26, 2010, a bomb blast tore through a crowd of law students who just finished the BAR Exam.  One student, Raissa Laurel, lost her legs as a result of that incident.  It would take an outsider, Japanese philanthropist, Yohei Sasakawa of Nippon Foundation, to come forward and donate prosthetic legs to allow Raissa a semblance of normality after her life was rudely shattered.
A perplexed friend would wonder why it takes a foreigner to step forward when local rich politicians, who are either in the same fraternity/sorority or even from the same school as the victim, could have easily helped out.
I had a privilege to take a candid portrait of Mr. Sasakawa in a prior event.  Sir, I bow to you.

Room with a view

Pentax K2 + SMCP A 50/2 + Ilford XP2 Super
Had second thoughts here...