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So Near Yet So Far: Quisao

The quest for a landscape and sunset photos have always taken me places but I usually stay away from the beaten path.  There are places in my country—the Philippines—which are known and favored by photographers.  Although any photographers' bucket list would probably include having taken those famous scenery, let me move on to something not all too common.

Or, perhaps something "common" or ordinary that no one would care much for it.

This hunt would take us to a little barangay called Quisao (there is now such a thing as Google Maps), that sits on the edge of Laguna Lake and forms the municipality of Pililla on the road towards Jala-jala.  On a road trip you would skip that isthmus as you travel from Rizal to Laguna on the East Road.  And if you ever wander on to that road, it is probably because you are on your way to Jala-jala and somewhere there is this spot where you have to slow down because the road becomes mildly congested.  And you would not even know what the na…