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Erika & the Pentax K-01

So the Pentax K-01 is not for me—a relative statement because I can still have fun with it.  Taking photos of my family for one.  After all, I do have my own collection of “fun” photos which may—at the end of the day—not mean anything to anyone else but only to me and my immediate family.  “Snapshots” so to speak: they will never be published, win awards or the praise of photography connoisseurs.   Nevertheless they form the memories that ultimately matters.  That is the essence of photography.

Given my perceived limitation of the Pentax K-01 and what I think it is good for, I then handed it to my daughter, Erika.   Erika is autistic.  Her impairment has to do with her communication skills leaving her unable to verbally communicate.  Our communication is limited to “two-steps command” (go kitchen, get water).  She can point and she can recognize symbols (not letters or words making her technically illiterate).

Now she has taken photos with camera phones before and has produced interes…

Pentax K-01

It is a great idea—a mirrorless camera that has a K-mount making it backwards compatible to a lot of lenses made back all the way in 1975.  A prototype of something like this was floated back in 2006 and the idea of something better than a point and shoot touting a K-mount lens may make life interesting.  That said, my expectation was both high and sober—assuming that it would be anything like that prototype, it is something that takes advantage of my collection of lenses yet at the same time, it is just a point and shoot camera albeit quite big.

So then the Pentax K-01 makes a debut with the added twist of being designed by famed designer Marc Newson and it gets mixed reviews.  Suffice to say, it looks “interesting”—not a denigrating statement as I am pretty much neutral about the design.  It is way better than the 2006 prototype for sure but what initially worried me about it was the possibility of it being priced out of this world because it was designed by some famous person.  Fo…