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Alternate Route - 1

Whatever Happened to the Wise Men of Christmas?

Forgotten and buried by the commercialism of our modern hedonistic interpretation of Christmas is the addendum to the Nativity narrative. It is an “addendum” in a sense that it may not have happened the same time as the manger episode considering that these guys had to travel all the way from Persia.  Yes, Persia or modern day Iran, with its self/divinely appointed role to bring death to modern America and Israel.  Given the fact that Scud missiles were not invented yet, the Wise Men took some time from the time they learned of Baby Jesus was born to when they actually visited him (probably two years since Herod would later, based on the timing of the Wise Men, order kids two years and younger killed—see Matthew 2:16).

So we have these three fellows—we assume three because of the gifts and tradition (for lack of more data) who embarked on this journey—who are identified as Magi (plural).  That is the connection to Persia because of the l…

The Pentax K-01 Revisited

I have written off the K-01 for myself when I initially tried it but gave it a second look when my autistic daughter actually used it productively.  However, I still balked at having to actually buy one for her use considering that it is not likely she would be shooting full time—it would still have to be somehow useful for me the rest of the time.  Then a friend, Jay Javier picks up a Samsung NX200 and puts a Leica Imarect viewfinder on it and the light goes on.  Of course!  Only a rangefinder person would think of this!  And I had this Voigtländer 75mm viewfinder lurking somewhere.  Sometime ago, I had this whim that I would pick up a colored Voigtländer Bessa R2, so when a bargain for a finder came my way I thought it would make a great companion for a future lens.  The Bessa, however, was not on the top of my "to-buy" list and when Pentax came out with the Pentax K-x with various colors, the novelty died and the compulsion waned...but I still had the 75mm finder.

So ther…

Pentax K-30


When the Pentax K-30 was announced with the specs similar to the K-5 (a tough act to follow) I assumed it would be similar to how the Pentax K10D would evolve into the Pentax K200D and the Pentax K-m.  Having owned a K10D I would definitely feel downgraded if I had to shift to either the K200D or the K-m even if the sensor and image quality is at par or even improved compared to the original camera.  Of course, that is merely a ‘feeling’ since I can readily ‘downgrade’ myself to use something with the feature set of an entry level camera as I would later with the Pentax K-x.  While there were reasons why I needed to use the K-x, with the K-5 as my main camera I wondered why I would even give the K-30 any attention.

The K-30 shares the same sensor of the K-5 (as well as the K-01) so I would assume that it would be about the same or even better in some respects to the older model; so I’m basically looking at the possibility that all that it has over the K-5 is that it …

Erika & the Pentax K-01

So the Pentax K-01 is not for me—a relative statement because I can still have fun with it.  Taking photos of my family for one.  After all, I do have my own collection of “fun” photos which may—at the end of the day—not mean anything to anyone else but only to me and my immediate family.  “Snapshots” so to speak: they will never be published, win awards or the praise of photography connoisseurs.   Nevertheless they form the memories that ultimately matters.  That is the essence of photography.

Given my perceived limitation of the Pentax K-01 and what I think it is good for, I then handed it to my daughter, Erika.   Erika is autistic.  Her impairment has to do with her communication skills leaving her unable to verbally communicate.  Our communication is limited to “two-steps command” (go kitchen, get water).  She can point and she can recognize symbols (not letters or words making her technically illiterate).

Now she has taken photos with camera phones before and has produced interes…

Pentax K-01

It is a great idea—a mirrorless camera that has a K-mount making it backwards compatible to a lot of lenses made back all the way in 1975.  A prototype of something like this was floated back in 2006 and the idea of something better than a point and shoot touting a K-mount lens may make life interesting.  That said, my expectation was both high and sober—assuming that it would be anything like that prototype, it is something that takes advantage of my collection of lenses yet at the same time, it is just a point and shoot camera albeit quite big.

So then the Pentax K-01 makes a debut with the added twist of being designed by famed designer Marc Newson and it gets mixed reviews.  Suffice to say, it looks “interesting”—not a denigrating statement as I am pretty much neutral about the design.  It is way better than the 2006 prototype for sure but what initially worried me about it was the possibility of it being priced out of this world because it was designed by some famous person.  Fo…

Ang Pahayag

Ang Pahayag
(*The Revelation) PENTAX K-5 + SMCP DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR
"The time of business," said he, "does not with me differ from the time of prayer and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen, while several persons are at the time calling for different things, I possess God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament" (Brother Lawrence—Practicing the Presence of God).


I WAS DEPRESSED TODAY... I took my camera and went for a walk.

SEA EAGLE PENTAX K-5 + SMCP DA 55-300/4-5.8 ED
"Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:30-31 ESV)