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Yellow Fingers

Pentax K-x + SMCP FA 80-320/4.5-5.6
Those yellow 'things' (I thought they were bananas) sitting on a window intrigued me. Lacking a pair of binoculars or any form of telescope with which to view it, I mounted my FA 80-320 zoom to see once and for all what they were. They were yellow  rubber gloves.

Since I had a camera aimed at it, I might as well take its photo.

Anita's Memory

Requiem for Anita
PENTAX K-x + SMCP FA 24-90/3.5-4.5 AL (IF)
Anita had Alzheimer's (oh, there was a medical differentiation buried in there somewhere but what difference that it really makes). In her last years, as she progressively regressed, unloading her memory in a FILO sequence (first-in-last-out). A woman of faith, she used to sing her favorite Protestant hymns that were soon replaced with the hits during her teens (ca. 1940s). Before she passed away, she was singing the ditties of her childhood.

Her disease gradually crept in probably as early as 20 years ago (1990) when under stress she began exhibiting an incipient forgetfulness. When her husband passed away in 2001, he would 'die' daily because Anita forgot about it. It was perhaps a blessing when she reached the point she forgot she was married at all--at least her husband can now stop 'dying' and she can stop grieving.

The pain of watching Anita regress was buried in emotionally 'forgetting' her…


Anita Niguidula Manayon
October 18, 1923 - March 30, 2010
I came from a photo shoot when my wife sent a message that my younger brother was about to take my mom to the hospital.  On my way to meet them in the hospital, I received word that she passed away without having left home.  The people who were around me asked if I was ever able to say "goodbye" ...well, sort of.  I think I said that years ago in one of her diminishing lucid moments.  My mom had Alzheimer's (oh, somewhere in there is a medical/technical differentiation that it is actually something else, but it does not really make a difference-she was virtually gone years ago).
I lost her a long time ago: now I can miss her.
It felt wrong to "miss" her while a shell of a beautiful, bubbly and strong willed woman still lingered around.  Having passed away, now gives me the chance to reminisce about the happy and sad times gone by.  The grieving will actually begin as those memories slowly start to return. …