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PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009


The Pentax-Discuss Mailing List (PDML) is an e-group before e-groups were invented and I have the privilege of being part of it on-and-off/more-or-less/mostly off/mostly less since 1999. Late 2008, a proposal for a photo annual was mentioned and that brings us now hear. Besides having two of my photographs in it, one becomes the basis for the cover mosaic.

Profits from the sale of the book goes to the National Childhood Cancer Foundation ( Click on the photo above to take you to Mark Robert's (the editor) site where you can follow links to order and then some.

The Christmas-Valentine Switch

Christmastime is when we switch the baby for a fat saint in red and Valentine’s Day is when we switch an old saint for a baby in red diapers (and armed with a deadly weapon at that).
Christmas time is about baby Jesus, who represents incarnation—God with us—on his way to the cross.  Christmas is the first step towards the humiliation of deity (Philippians 2:5-11). This story is all about progressive marginalization: from having “no room in the inn” to being refugees in another country fleeing from a paranoid tyrant and ultimately culminating at the cross. Saint Nicolas before becoming Santa Claus was a bishop who represented grace and generosity known to give to the poor; he was not originally fat and  the subsequent red suit and obesity drawn up as a marketing gimmick.  He has since become a twisted metaphor for an unconscious avoidance of the “uncomfortable” message of The Baby but a symbol of crass consumerism.

Two months later, we are at it again as we celebrate Valentine’s Day wh…