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a Christmas Reflection

A sunset (or a sunrise) shoot is a high risk gamble that requires throwing time and money into the pot. It almost requires that you block off time hours before and after just to shoot something that goes by a scant 10 minutes. Oh, there is this thing called the “Alpen Glow” which appears a full 30 or so minutes before sunrise or after the sunset. It is when the darkness breaks to hint of the glow of the rising sun or just before it quenches the last light of the setting sun. Often clouds, or the lack of it, makes or breaks the sunset. Too much and you may not see it at all or too little can make it a non-event.

December 16, 2007—a Sunday—had a cloudy afternoon that threatened to cover the sunset. It could also potentially make it the best sunset ever. Knowing that risk I threw my bet leaving at the last minute (from where I come from it takes a full hour to get to a good spot along the bay). Along the way, I mused at my motives. At the heart of it all, I saw thes…