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Tanay Parola

So I was running away from the traffic of Metro Manila while APEC was going on...

Maybe All The Reason in the World


I have been thinking about my luxury of thinking about “half-reasons” which in turn brings to mind people stuck living out “half-reasons”.  Security guards for one: love them—hate them.  But right now am thinking of a couple of guys taking turns in shifts to watch over the compound where I live in—all for minimum wage (actually less since one absentee homeowner has not given their share for a couple of months now).  At least the odds of anything violent happening in our gated community minimizes the risk to their lives and limbs, other security guards in more hazardous situation virtually have to offer their lives for that same minimum wage (okay, to be fair, maybe there is some “hazardous duty” add-ons…).  Is that the life they wanted to live?  Is that the career they would have preferred?  Or, is it simply a case where society and circumstances have sentenced them to a life less than what is desired?

Exercising my luxury of being able to think about …


NOTHING ELSE TO DO PENTAX K-3 + SMCP DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR Let me put this in context, traffic in Metro Manila has gone from worse to apocalyptic.  Going out to do things sometimes requires a really compelling reason. Or, "half-reasons" or less than compelling stuff lumped together to justify a commute.  Or, some “activity” like cleaning your house or table.  “Half-reasons” are stuff that needs to be done but can be put off tomorrow or the next day or never.  No one would die if it was left undone yesterday.

Then I realize that life is full of “half reasons” which does not make a whole.  A couple of days did go by that was littered with “half-reasons” in which I ended up doing nothing.  And no one judged me: extra time to be mindlessly myself.  Depending on the mood it can be time wasted or time well spent.

Which brings me to a word a picked up in seminary: "kairos".  A word for "time" that is the twin of "chronos".  "Chronos" is the meas…