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The Pentax K-01 Revisited

I have written off the K-01 for myself when I initially tried it but gave it a second look when my autistic daughter actually used it productively.  However, I still balked at having to actually buy one for her use considering that it is not likely she would be shooting full time—it would still have to be somehow useful for me the rest of the time.  Then a friend, Jay Javier picks up a Samsung NX200 and puts a Leica Imarect viewfinder on it and the light goes on.  Of course!  Only a rangefinder person would think of this!  And I had this Voigtländer 75mm viewfinder lurking somewhere.  Sometime ago, I had this whim that I would pick up a colored Voigtländer Bessa R2, so when a bargain for a finder came my way I thought it would make a great companion for a future lens.  The Bessa, however, was not on the top of my "to-buy" list and when Pentax came out with the Pentax K-x with various colors, the novelty died and the compulsion waned...but I still had the 75mm finder.

So ther…