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Gota de Leche

Gota de Leche was something that got buried in something I read in history books in my juvenile academic past until I got to meet Ms. Anna Leah Sarabia, (Executive Director & VP of Gota de Leche).  I met her when she attended one of my photo workshops and in the subsequent conversations which included shooting something in the heart of Manila, Gota de Leche came into the picture.

Coincidentally, I am reading James Bradley's ("Flyboys" and "Flag of our Fathers") book "The Imperial Cruise" which paints on a big canvas the historical milieu in which Gota de Leche would appear.  More on that in a separate blog entry.

"Gota de Leche" literally means "drop of milk" and was the name given to one of the projects of the earliest (if not the first) non-government organization in newest colony of the United States of America, the Philippines.  Built by the La Proteccion de la Infancia ("The Protection of Infancy"), a charitable …

Life at Ninety

Eva Estrada-Kalaw

PENTAX K10D + SMCP K 135/2.5
A photowalk in the old section of Manila City brought us into the house of Senator Eva Estrada-Kalaw (1965-1972).  She was part of the Liberal Party and was in the Plaza Miranda bombing in 1971 prior to the declaration of martial law by the former Dictator Ferdinand Marcos whom they were opposing.  Born 1920, Senator Kalaw at ninety is still the extroverted public servant beginning a career as a volunteer social worker loving people and life.  She welcomed us into her home with the gusto of a veteran politician still working at winning hearts and minds in a big campaign.  There was never a dull moment with her as she related snippets of her life even as early as before World War II.

The Senator's living room...
PENTAX K10D + SMCP FA 24-90/3.5-4.5 AL(IF)

Her house is among many in that section of Manila which some would like to preserve amidst the rush of commercial development.  Some information about the senator can be found in a Wikip…

Djinn Awakened

Model: Audrey Quitayen
Pentax A3D + SMCP FA 77/1.8 Limited + Kodak Ultima 100
A supply of Kodak Ultima 100 showed up in a local shop so I gave anold Pentax A3D (Japanese version of A3000 Date) a workout. Matchedwith the 77 Limited and a 40W bare bulb hiding behind an umbrelladirectly in front of the model, a 60W strobe snooted and located aboveand slightly in front plus a little Sunpak flash to light thebackground(okay...butterfly something). I also shot a lot with my Pentax K10D but this version isthe one that got me excited.