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Prayer for a Flower

Sequel to the Theology of Friendship

NIKON FE2 + TOKINA 35-135/3.5-5.6 + KODAK SUPRA 400
One of those little things I have observed with people is a paradox in communication and human relationships which can be captured in a little axiom wherein the depth of the relationship is inversely proportional to the shallowness of the subject of their conversation. You know who people are and the kind of relationship they may have when you listen to them talk—businessmen talk about risk and profits; politicians about government and policies; techno geeks about bytes and bandwidth. If there is anything else to their relationship depends on where else the conversation may lead. The rule of the thumb is that the shallower the conversation, the deeper the relationship.

Two people living parallel lives separated by partition walls in office cubicles would talk about work, discuss reports, follow up on projects and nothing more. Two friends in different offices buildings would plac…