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Out of the Box!

The Sun Flower (1981)Canon AE-1 + Super Takumar 28/3.5 + Kodachrome 64

All these questions about directions in life having shot myself in the foot with the bullet of the mid-life crisis had me looking back to my past. Updating my own website brought me to this photo and my own blurb about it written years ago in an album and copied verbatim when I posted this photo (the original blurb is no longer there because the Flash page does not allow extended captions—so this post); so a little update and editing brings the thoughts of over 20 year to the front of my mind.

That sunflower was taken one Sunday morning in Burnham Park in Baguio City. I found the program in a nearby church so boring that I sneaked out with my camera and went around taking some shots. Sunflowers were in bloom because the place was full of them. So I went around snapping them the usual way when a light goes on in my head ("unless a seed falls down to t…