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There's no such thing as a 'Bad' Word

A Letter to Khalil


“I sure as hell can't tell you we learned about hell unless I say ‘hell’, can't I?”—Bart Simpson

As soon as you started running around with the kids in the compound where you grew up in, it became inevitable that you started throwing things at each other besides, karate kicks, punches, sticks and stone.  Pretty soon "words" became part of the arsenal.  Having been a kid once, I know well enough that no matter how much it is "don't say bad words" is repeated, a bad word is ultimately exchanged.  And no matter how much we say that "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me", we know how words can be used to commit premeditated murder with precision.

I explained to you when you were in grade school that there is no such thing as a “bad” word. The real reason why I taught you that is because I wanted you to feel sa…

Kittens Goes To Heaven

A Letter to Khalil

You asked me this question when you turned ten years old and I thought I should post this in a blog maybe to remind you ten years later and after in moments where that same question would hunt you.

"Why did we end up with Erika?" or "Why is Erika autistic?"

Both are difficult questions and both may never have answers at all.  We can look at them differently though and it has something to do with kittens.

Do you remember those days when you first asked for a pet?  After the faux pas of fishing out a Tilapia (which you thought was intended to be a pet not lunch), you started asking for a cat.

Well, having had 27 cats at one time, that idea was something that was well thought of; I did grow up in a big compound where the backyard had an improvised baseball/softball field combined with a kidney shaped pool where we can happily co-exist with 27 cats without having to worry about toilet training them.  We now live in a townhouse complex with a narrow concre…