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Growing up Paranoid

Where do I begin? Well, I guess it starts all the way back when I was preoccupied with airplanes as a child (6-7-8 years old, somewhere there). That preoccupation would lead to hobbies and spin-off decisions like wishful notions of entering the aeronautical field in those early years. As a boy, I was not immune from “boy’s toys” and running around with toy guns, toy cars and—yes—toy airplanes; it was aviation that was the centerpiece. Guns were merely peripherals of warplanes (or accessories of the pilots) and cars were needed to drive to the imaginary airfield.

By the time I graduate college, I would possess encyclopedic knowledge of all the warplanes built up until career and calling would distract me in 1985 (for reference the United States was bickering over the cost overruns of the F/A-18 Hornet and Top Gun would be released the following year).

The era of aviation ‘adolescence’ was World War II. You might say that the birth pangs in the early 20th century led to the childho…


A much younger guy who is also a techie asked my opinion regarding the Mac (Apple Macintosh). He just got hired in this outfit that uses Macs and wanted to know my two cents regarding the good and bad about them. I generally have good comments about Macs having occasionally used them. So we looked at the pros and the cons and compared them with PCs and so on. Then the penultimate question: “If a Mac is that good, why don’t I have one?”

I replied that it was 1) expensive, 2) more expensive and 3) very expensive (the biggest con). Besides being a cheapskate, I was also a techie who changes motherboards as often as I would change socks, and the PC’s open architecture makes that easy. His final question was; “If that was not an issue—whether I can afford it or have access to it—would I use one?”

“Definitely!” was my quick enthusiastic reply. Then I paused. There was this nanosecond of silence, as my mind drifted into space groping for words. My young friend somehow intuited that …