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The Gospel According to Mary

In my search for Mary, I tried to follow the dots which took me on side trips that explored the post-biblical data that later Roman Catholicism held. Locking her up as the “Mother of God” actually does grave disservice to her and reduces her only to the primary intercessor (mediator) of the Triumphant Church (Roman Catholicism distinguishes the Triumphant Church as those who are now in the presence of God [i.e., died] and the Militant Church as those still alive and engaged in this world); because of that we miss entirely what she contributes to our faith.

Mary contributes to our faith? Yes, and there is nothing Roman Catholic about it at all, so stop waving the “Catholic conspiracy” red flags in your head.

To help shed light on this, it has to be explained briefly how the Gospels were written. The obvious information we have is that of the four Gospels, two were written by eyewitnesses (Matthew and John) while two by researchers (Mark and Luke). It is generally accepted that Mark…