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Photographs for the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

[My little speech given at the opening night—December 13, 2013]
Tonight we are here because of the events that has taken place in the past months; Typhoon Haiyan (local name: “Yolanda”) swept through our country leaving in its wake death and destruction.  In the days immediately after, my family did our best to give to the relief efforts through the Philippine Red Cross and World Vision.  Afterwards we asked, “what more can we give?”  On our way to planning a family photo exhibit, we decided to give away our photos in an online auction.  So my son, Khalil, and daughter, Erika, plus two friends who joined early—Jay Laurito and Larry Monserate Piojo—raised over US$800.00 auctioning photos online.  We were on our way to doing it again when other photographers offered to join.  Ideas were thrown in and with Diamond Hotel Philippines offering to provide the venue and Camerahaus as a sponsor, we are now here opening an exhibit and hopefully sell more photographs for the benefit of the vict…